K2 Dangers


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June 27, 2012:
You might eat your neighbor's dog!Dangers of Spice and K2 Outlined on Yahoo.com.


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K2 and Spice, along with bath salts, have been outlawed in a number of states!

Warning Signs of K2 Intoxication include pale skin

Some K2 Side Effects May Be Serious

K2 Dangers include irregular heartbeat, seizures, increased blood pressure, and loss of consciousness. On top of this, vomiting, hallucinations, agitation, and dangerous behavior have been noted in conjunction to K2 use. Also known as "spice," K2 is popular among teenagers because it can be purchased in smoke shops with no age restrictions. It is also popular among prisoners on parole because it cannot be found in current drug tests. In some countries, K2 is banned because it contains synthetic cannabis compounds, but this does not make it a safe substitute (or even a related experience to) marijuana. The dangers of K2 ingestion are multiplied if a person is driving, operating machinery, or in any other type of situation that may pose a threat. Agitated users of K2 may also become violent, and since K2 is not considered a drug or supplement, but incense, it also may contain substances considered to be poisonous. What kind of people use K2 on a regular basis? Judging from news reports, they aren't the kind of cool kids you want to hang around with. Legal or not, people will always be looking for a cheap high, and most of these people have plenty of free time since they lose their jobs for being unreliable. Whether the drug made them unreliable or not is up to conjecture, but I'd bet that you know a few people who were marginal before they tried drugs and turned into bottom feeders once they really got into them.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Any discussion of drug dangers may also include anecdotal claims or incomplete information, such as another drug in a person's system or an allergic reactions. Nonetheless, K2 drug dangers may be serious enough to consider not using the drug until you see how many of your friends die from it.